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Just don't understand how you can say Menards ordered the wrong door. Now I have one that is warping after installation. My experience with Mastercraft was absolutely awful. Checking on my door warranty. The wind was coming in at the top and I tried to tighten the screws after I had talked to a representative, but ONE of the screws would not tighten, the frame was stripped out. masuzi November 7, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment 11 Views. Then you have to replug the bottom of the door for strength. I cant fine the receipt for the door . After over an 2 months of emails and still leaking and us taking video of door and window leaking they told us to send them frame and door specs. It was bought at Menards in Beloit Wisconsin. During this remodel project, I have purchased both bi fold and solid pine doors from Home Depot with zero problems... First, one of their special order folks dropped a special order door right in front of me in the warehouse, destroying the frame. BUYER BEWARE. (I would agree with the assestment of her efforts in the previous post- they don't exist only' the Corporate kiss off'') Mastercraft contended the door was "improperly installed" I had the installer and two other contractors look at the door and all said it was not the case.The installer actually came back and spent 2-3 hours trying to shim and adjust the door, attempting to get it to seal, he acknowledged It was poorly made and possibly out of square perhaps due to poor storage, or other defects. Because that makes sense. We are retaining an attorney. Menards review rated 1.4/5.0 with Images: We special ordered a 36 and 32 MasterCraft doors. With its energy-saving core and fiberglass construction, this door is a smart choice to save you money on the heating bill and maintain the beauty in your home. The guy tried to find me another one, but said the other ones in stock didn't look any better. After the door was installed, it made the rest of the doors in the hallway look pretty shabby, so we decided to make the leap and replace all the doors in the house. I was told that the kickplate "wasn't part of the warranty" even after I described many times that it was already paid for and not a warranty issue at all. Boats. . We picked up the new door frames the evening of Dec 2nd. Stay clear if at all possible of Mastercraft and everything they do. ... means that the frame is pre-glazed to the window and the caulk has already been applied to self adhere and seal to the door skin. Flimsy construction between side light and door. 4.50 average rating based on 183,318 reviews. Do you have something to say about Mastercraft Doors? Review #968364 is a subjective opinion of poster. Don't you get a copy of the order they write? When installing the door the "wood" at the bottom of the door where the pivot is came apart. I'm wondering how you could have possibly had a good experience with that company. Purchased bi fold doors and a 6 panel solid pine door from Menards.The quality of both are terrible. I have always been a fan of Menards, but this transaction has changed all of that! There were issue with the door itself so I contacted the company. Add To List Click to add item Mastercraft® Oak Flush Interior Door System to your list. I'm leaving my review everywhere so that, hopefully, I can save someone some time and money. the core could be laminated wood, particle board or MDF. Review #1811266 is a subjective opinion of poster. masuzi August 7, 2017 No Comments. Instead, they sent me $800 in windows. No response back yet. Whether you need a space saving pocket door, a swinging door for a bedroom, or a grand entrance to an office, we have an Interior door option for any room in the house. I did not spend this kind of money to have to rework their product. It appears that the bits used to drill the holes wore in the trim on an angle that was not intended. Sometimes things happen, but you probably don't make mistakes. In November of 2019 we where setting watching tv when we heard a big bang the inside glass on the sliding door door blow out. Review #2132099 is a subjective opinion of poster. Bought a Mastercraft Mission fiberglass front door and found out the hard way how cheaply they are constructed. The doors are constructed from steel, fiberglass, vinyl and solid wood. Mastercraft does not make a good product. DO NOT BUY MASTERCRAFT DOORS UNLESS YOU LIKE FIXING ISSUES!! Painting a door is similar whether the door is hung indoors or out. When I told him what I paid he commented "it's not a cheap door just a crappy one" I wish I had listened and returned it to Menard's at that time!. Neither time was there any kind of response. MasterCraft 6 panel interior doors pre finished english chestnut. received a letter back from Midwest Manufacturing approximately one month later. Doors built in America, by people passionate about everything that opens and closes. Bizrate Apr 5, 2019. I see customers come in, act like they know what they are talking about, ordering things and telling the employees they don't know what they are talking about. MarterCraft sent us replacement frames but they said they would not be the solid vinyl frames we originally ordered because they said they did not make them anymore instead they could send us composite frames that had staples. When I can afford to replace this door it will NOT come from Menard's but from a local business that stands behind their products. It started when I purchased a Mastercraft solid pine six panel door. I was looking to spend max of 800 dollars on a 36x80. As they work with you to order a door there is a picture of the door you are ordering on the computer screen. The company produces interior and exterior doors. I too dealt with the infamous Louise Fox. Bellini Mastercraft provides custom mahogany exterior/interior entry doors, windows & impact doors in New England, Caribbean, Florida (FL). Fashioning doors engineered to perform day-after-day, after day. Four lines of chalking and soils in corners. After reading the reviews and the difficulty with customer service, I won't even try to return it. View All NXT XT X XSTAR PROSTAR. To exit our cabin, we crawled out a window. My contractor had an incident with a piece of lumber that fell and broke the crisscross piece on the window. Then days later see the same person come in saying "Menards screwed up!" The holes were made through the door to accommodate the handle and deadbolt but did not allow for the door to close properly as the interior closing edge was not bored to house the locking mechanism. Started helping my father when I was 8. Since then we have gone back and forth with you over this. It what do I know with my experience being so little. Funny, I haven't had any issues with Menards in nearly 20 years spending thousands a year, but you have so many issues. We were 'sold' on the company by a sales person and also bought $6000 of hardwood flooring the same day that we ordered $3000 worth of doors. Sad! Review #968707 is a subjective opinion of poster. Horrible quality and horrible Hardware. NXT20 NXT22 NXT24 XT20 XT21 XT22 XT23 2 Variations Available Mastercraft® Wheat Oak Flush Solid Core Interior Door System. I’ve installed over 36 patio doors at condo job in less than eight days with no trouble or leaks. You need to understand what you are buying. It was a Christmas present. Not even 5 years and entire frame rotted out. I recently ordered a Mastercraft door from menards with two sidelights. (I think they ran our of places to tell us to caulk) 36" frame was narrower on top than on bottom. The doors leaked the first rain and my beautiful oak flooring is warped. Since it was installed I was told to deal with Midwest Manufacturing. All 12 doors. Louise Fox from Guest relations (which she should be fired!) Mastercraft sent new windows (which didn't fit) and then new doors, not once but twice! Interior door knocks doors a mastercraft interior single door a mastercraft interior door system prehung exterior knocks doors. Mrs. Lewis A Hedges User's recommendation: Extremely hard to get customer service for defective door. I do not see how this should reflect badly on Louise Fox or Mastercraft. Poor Quality. After cutting off the 3/4", I was surprised to see I had cut into the hollow of the door. To learn more about the ways to appreciate the reviewer please visit I'm not happy that I have sent you this information so many times .Can you please just sent some one out to fix the door or replace it . I had a crew here to install it. We have better things to do than waste our time fixing someone else's mistakes. of 2 entry doors and 1 aluminum clad sliding door w/wood interior.... 1 of the entry doors was trim damaged which I fixed but the double hardware holes was misaligned to the jamb. A manufacturer shouldn't sell a half engineered product. Of course Menards said we had to contact MasterCraft for warranty reasons which we emailed them on the 5th saying we want a good product or our money back. Not sure where these products will be bought but I do know that none of it will come from a Menard's store! Had help come out the morning of the 3rd to help install and to have another set of eyes. and I would have been happy. Luckily, with a very competent contractor and some disassembly on my part the door has been some what improved. Mastercraft Exterior Doors Reviews. This is unacceptable as the sales person we ordered with on 1/9 stated we were much better off to order the kickplate installed from the factory as it would be more resilient. We were also going to take pictures of every step to prove we followed all their directions. Any ideas or thoughts truly appreciated. I contacted the company and had to explain in detail what was wrong. No big deal. Price is good but I'm curious on the quality of them. Pissed Consumer © 2021 All I will be calling the Better Business Bureau and complaining because they don't seem to want to get back to me. I STILL do not have a kickplate... you know, the one we ordered and paid for...? My husband and I bought an entry door with 2 sidelights. I will work to help others avoid this product and problems. What an ill designed door! I managed to get it back together enough to get it installed. This door was put in December of 2018. Don't buy Mastercraft doors, unless they are for someone you really don't like! I tried weather stripping and 'corner seals'(made by Mastercraft-so non sealing Mastercraft door must be common) I am stuck with a door that leaks cold air with my next option to file a small claims suit-suggested by the Attorney General's office. The patio door was as aluminum flashed on bottom “1 pc” and up walls as I’ve always done. Meet other MasterCraft owners in your area or learn more about your local dealer I will need to buy 2 additional items and fabricate my own door sill. Thanks, Joe Lastly, many of the holes drilled for the screws on the frame of the windows are drilled in a manner that does not allow the plugs to obscure the holes. I was also informed that the costs I incurred are mine to bear and that the new door would be regular priced. Read the latest user reviews about MASTERCRAFT DOORS in United States. Again "not properly installed" When the door was initially unloaded at my home my son-inlaw helped unload it and said "why did you buy such a cheap door?" The closest Menards is 100 miles away so its tough for me to see them for myself. People installing it had to replace hinges immediately as they were all bent and the door wouldn't close. On that day, I drove 45 minutes to get 3 of the 5 doors I'd ordered. Literally, everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong, and now they want to charge me a restock fee on the re-ordered special order door that's of no use to me because they ordered the wrong size on that one as well. Anytime it rained from the West, Northwest, or North and was windy we had to lay towels down to keep the water soaked up in the entry hall. Consumer complaints and reviews about Menards / Midwest Manufacturing / Mastercraft Doors Batavia ... B Bob's Menards Door Problem Review updated: Jul 12, 2019. Install Mastercraft Prehung Interior Door. This time the order went through. Mastercraft Doors Door reviews: Checking on my door. Now 4 days later I finally get a call saying there is no sill option for that size door. Both Menards and Home Depot have a warranty on their products that will cover the product itself but not the finishing. The quality is terrible, the materials are cheap and flimsy and I am sorry that I have this shoddy product installed in my home. They enter the order based on the information you give them. www.realthanks.com. I went to Menards and talked to the gentleman that sold us the door and he told me what to do and assured me that they would wan to make the product right. The trim on the door is haphazardly installed. This feature is currently under development. On the upper pane of the sidelight, the trim is BENT in a concave manner. 10 Best Interior Paint Brands 2019 - Reviews. Aug 18, 2017 ... I’m now 58 and been doing this most all my life. After over a dozen emails back and forth (I'll spare you the gritty details), them telling me Windex would remove caulking (um, ok) and me filling out a measurement questionnaire (when none of my complaints had anything to do with the measurements of the door), I ended up with two new windows. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com. Before installing we had to repair the brick molding that was damaged. Maybe it is you. The problem with the screw not tightening had to of been done at the factory also because I didn't strip it out. had to return 6 of them and repair 2 of them due to various damage and workmanship issues. Finally they told us they will send us a replacement window for 36" door and replacement door frames for both doors but of course in email they said it was still our fault. I stopped by Menards to order another one and they said they could not find the replacement part number. The wife and I agreed on 1 panel, raised, prehung, textured doors. Even though we have never had problems with MasterCraft doors in the past we found out when you do have trouble they can not admit they let a faulty product out the door and all they do is blame it on the consumer instead of their quality. I found her service to be prompt and in accordance with the warranty that I agreed to when I purchased the doors. I dealt with Louise Fox on a couple different issues during the remodel of my house. ... Don't buy Mastercraft doors, unless they are for someone you really don't like! Glassdoor. I’m looking for a fiberglass or steel door with a wood grain look, and I’m wondering if Mastercraft doors are any good? My phone # is 608) 718**** the address is 1808 Burton Street Beloit Wisconsin 53511 Please contact us as possible. Irs Withholding Tax Tables 2019; ... Mastercraft Interior Doors Reviews. Mastercraft doors are garbage forum mastercraft solid core prehung 6 panel mastercraft solid core prehung 6 panel mastercraft doors are garbage forum. There are a few places where is is not even flush with the window. Took out doors and re-installed and re-caulked thinking it was fixed. How many times are you going to post this? Whats people lookup in this blog: Menards Mastercraft Interior Door Reviews I don't even understand the logic in that. Mastercraft Doors are the the worst for quality. Upon measuring the door jam, it was 36 inches at the bottom, but only 36 and 13/16 on top. We followed directions company sent and took more pictures to prove we caulked and installed correctly to their directions. I do not normally write reviews, but my husband and I both agree that Mastercraft doors are not of the quality that they are advertised to be. Glassdoor has 10 Mastercraft Exteriors reviews submitted anonymously by Mastercraft Exteriors employees. After being picked up from the Kokomo, IN Menards store, they were installed the next day. Shipping ADD TO CART. The Attorney General's office does keep a file of complaints against faulty manufacturers so others with similar problems might contact them. Perhaps a better name for the door would be Mastercrap. When I received the door u noticed there was no sill for the door, I figured it was a mistake so I went back into the store. We ordered the door with a handle and deadbolt bore. told hubby to stop payment on door on credit card and his response was that Menards would make it right and he wouldn't stop payment. At this point I think steel is preferred to me, dents don’t appear to be an issue for me. shanenelson. The Mastercraft warranty is for replacement or repair of defective parts. We checked both square and level inside the jam and it was right on. Door. And, yes, they expect me to dismantle my $1200 door and install them myself. Both were a veneered solid core door. Mastercraft Interior Doors Reviews. If you did not complete the installation per the installation instruction why would that be the manufacturer's problem. The bottom piece of wood on the bottom of the door is only 3/4". I’m now 58 and been doing this most all my life. Called Menards, they said to contact MasterCraft for warranty as it is out of their hands. Not at all impressed. Mastercraft offered you replacements for the defective windows. We are processing your message. Says lifetime warranty....not even six months and my French doors are falling apart and fiberglass door is warped! We did not install and immediately called Menards in Alexandria, Minn. telling them that we are brining them back as rejects and wanted a Manager at the door to view. Here is my original email to them: We wanted to buy local as much as we could and were excited about being able to tell guests that our door was made in Wisconsin. Once installed, they worked for hours to put shims in so door would seal properly. I find them all to be very helpful. They do not tell you this in the sales process. Will shop at Menards again. MasterCraft Boat Company (NASDAQ: MCFT), is a world-renowned innovator, designer, manufacturer, and marketer of premium performance inboard wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and ski boats. It is pretty hard to order 5 doors incorrectly unless the measurements given are incorrect. Needing to buy paint for a coveted interior? When they got it in place and tried to open the door it was extremely tight. All various sizes. Now, my experience with a Mastercraft front door with side light has been rather negative as well. So, off to Lowe's I go! Purchased 12 doors. The lock was stuck, and inoperable from the inside and outside. It is pretty and looks very nice on our house, but we've had issues with the door and sidelite from the start. Very poor quality of “Workmanship” in my opinion of mastercraft doors. We will not buy another Mastercraft product. Door frames are plywood. Bought 3 New doors for a house I’m building for my parents. Resolved Menards Review Mastercraft Doors Feb 2009 Complaintsboard Com Doors New Menards Mastercraft Duracore Doors Door Troubleshooter Midwest Manufacturing Products Mastercraft Doors Large rain came with wind; doors leaked terrible and the window of the 36" door was worse with water running down inside. If you are considering the purchase of a door from Menards, think twice and know that there is nothing they will do for you once you take it off the lot!

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